Thursday, November 19, 2009

its been ages

its already november and i havent written anything since october first! yikes! that feels bad, but i have actually had not very much noise generation related stuff to write about. have had no internet for the last week also so i thought i should post something now that i am back online and get back into the swing of it!

i realised recently that i never mentioned that we saw gza a little while ago at the hifi bar in west end. since i dont have anything good to say i guess i will just say that hifi is a really weird venue.

was informed today that lazy grey & bias b's dual album launch is this weekend @ the step inn. would very much like to attend but looking unlikely as finances are a bit stetched at the moment. bummer. i know its not who they are anymore but brothers stoney to me are like the original best australian hip hop.

we have plans to do an extremely limited vinyl release! mainly just for us so we can have our music to spin on vinyl. this is pretty cool, we have been wanting to do a vinyl release for ages, plus looking forward to doing some serious writing and recording.

ok thats all.