Sunday, July 26, 2009

acquiring a space

we practiced at Via last week. its been about 5 years since our last rehearsal there. a few changes, pretty much the same. still a great, super cheap rehearsal place! $15 for 1 hour, $45 for 4 hours. we wanted to go to the valley studios because its walking distance / short bus ride from here but i found out they are about $80 for 4 hours. madness! anyway via is so nice and clean and the rooms have good air con (not that we used it but it will be good in summer which im sure is just around the corner) so i guess thats gonna be our regular rehearsal place. yay 1 problem solved! only 50billion more to go!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

***** new music :: truth, lies, chuck norris. harry potter. *****

as promised............. the finished product..............

truth, lies, chuck norris. harrypotter.

recorded a new track today...... its being mixed and mastered in the noisebox mastering studio AS WE SPEAK! i will probably get to upload it sometime tonight. are you on twitter? hey so am i so you can check my thing out at my username is @kikiromantik. probably a lot of non noisegen band related stuff but thats ok right? rata has been busy making stuff - check out his awesome diy pop screen.... it works a treat and saved $59.95 - HEAR THAT ALLANS MUSIC?????

now that we are back in brisbane i have a major urge to go to DREAMWORLD. is the gravitron still there???