Thursday, October 1, 2009

out loud music @ west end

yeah so we did go and rehearse at out loud music at west end last friday (its the old cold rooms). it was pretty awesome - nice big room, "mood" lighting, good pa, big mirror to practice your jazz hands in. i suspect that it is in fact a two way mirror and there are people SPYING on the other side! rata completely disagrees with this theory by the way, but i am convinced. we went during the day on a friday - early morning actually, 10am-12pm so there weren't a lot of other rooms in use, so i can say we didn't have any issues with noise bleed from the other bands rehearsing. but if the place was full it might be a different story :dont know: anyway $30 for 2 hours is pretty decent and seems to be just about the going rate at the moment in brisbane. their website has a lot of photos of them with a cute little dog and various famous bands that have rehearsed there ie. the veronicas lol. i must say that i was looking forward to meeting the dog which is why i was dissapointed when i asked where he was and was told he is GONE! the dog was the previous owners dog :( so i guess they need to update their website! anyway, the final word on out loud at west end is - good room, good pa, good service, no dog :( 4 out of 5 stars. could gain the extra star by getting a dog - preferably a pug :) oh and the bus stops right out the front AND there is a little cafe right next door that makes the most amazing mini cupcakes and something called an ORANGE BLOSSOM! awesome!