Monday, August 17, 2009


after using the shure mic neither of us wanted to go back to the crappy 'yoga' mic that we have been using for about 3 years. we didnt even buy it, it was left behind by previous tenants at a place we moved into in wellington and we managed to grab it before any of the other housemates saw it! WOW i guess i never knew the importance of a good mic because when you compare the sound of our crappy old one to the new shure mic you can hear the difference loud and clear LITERALLY! it really is amazing. anyway so what i am getting at is that we totally caved in and ordered another one - HOW EXTRAVAGANT OF US! it should get here tomorrow. then we are going to book in for rehearsal at out loud music in west end. i know i thought that we were gonna stick with via at bowen hills but we remembered going to this place a few years ago (when it was probably called something else) so we thought we would give them a go. also we like to rehearse during the day on week days and via aint open during the day on week days and this place is. so we will probably practice there maybe wednesday or thursday if they're not booked out. and if i have managed to shake this flu that is really bringing me down. i hate being sick. plz everybody send me good healing energies. thnkyou! ^-^